ramblingferret asked
Man can't you see this about ethical concerns in the intustry and making sure people behave themselves maturly and not insult gamers or have sex we don't know about! Now I'm going insult you, your wife, AND your kids for daring to disagree with me. Because i care about ethics.

Gamers are very concerned about civil discourse!

tigerdude51087 asked
Hahahaha oh wow; they're trying to rope your wife into this gamergate nonsense? I hate Anita and Zoe as much as the next guy but that anon seriously needs to get that stick out of his ass. I'm sure she's a lovely woman and your fat stuff is great.

Well, you know some people, they just don’t got no class!

Anonymous asked
You don't think it's at all suspicious that Kotaku and Polygon, both enemies of GamerGate, "just happened" to post an article on this supposedly real bomb threat against Anita Sarkeesian, 5 months after it allegedly happened, written by two different people and both claiming they are the primary source?

Anonymous asked
The only thing more sad than you is your wife. What kind of pathetic bitch do you have to be to get stuck with someone who's major hobby is drawing porn of other girls haha... but not only that porn of fat chicks! When you aren't even fat yourself! Haha, knowing that you'll always be 2nd place in attractiveness to your husband's fetish... Or is this "wife" only with you because you won't let her out of the basement? You seem the type, "put the lotion on the skin or else she gets the hose again"

Haha wow you gamers are getting vicious! I guess I should have expected that you’d go after my real wife after I made fun of your fictitious one.  Well, let’s dance. First, FUCK YOU, my wife is awesome and you can go eat a dick. Second, are you trying to insult me by saying that my wife isn’t fat? OH BOO HOO MY WIFE IS CONVENTIONALLY ATTRACTIVE, WHAT A CROSS I HAVE TO BEAR. She’s a beautiful woman at any size. Third, our marriage works because it’s built on openness, trust and a clear differentiation between fantasy and reality. Fourth, honestly, who knows why she stays with me? i definitely married out of my league, so I just assume she’s got a thing for schlubby dorks.Fifth, FUCK YOU AGAIN.



does anyone else remember that really weird Disney movie that never gets talked about because it was trying to be a knock off of Madagascar and the story was really strange & didnt make much sense


sometimes I feel like I dreamed up this movie. its like if the dingo pictures people got good at 3d modelling only its a legit Disney feature

man this movie is one of the few times I’ve walked away from a film, I think?


Curling is an important plot point.

Is this the one where, halfway through, it suddenly turns into a bizarre hallucination about gnus that want to be carnivores?

wakkkwakkka asked
More gym failure wife or office weight gain girl plz and ty


I like the office girl but she requires 30% more thought.

I like gym faIlure wife almost as much as I like my real wife <3

Libertarian 'Utopia' Styled After Ayn Rand Book Spectacularly Falls Apart Almost Immediately


Libertarians and Randroids learning the harsh consequences of their own dogma will always be funny. It does make me wonder if there is a stratum of con artists targeting them, having factored in that people who are distrustful of the state and unlikely to go to the police make brilliant marks.

Between this, the Republic of Minerva, and Freedom Ship, you would think that Libertarians would eventually catch on every purported Libertarian Utopia microstate is some sort of obvious scam, but I’ve noticed that most Libertarians are not very introspective. The guy selling lots could literally be wearing a pinstriped suit and a straw boater and be named “Slick Smitty from the Big City” and they wouldn’t catch on that it’s a colossal ruse.


Chin Wars: Dobuita the Hutt

I kinda like situations where there’s a fat lazy arrogant girl bossing around other girl and making her bring her food, and somehow the other girl ends up gaining weight too.  Because, well, obviously she must be stealing bits from the trays of food that she’s bringing to her boss, right? It’s like a sneaky little act of rebellion that gets less and less sneaky as time goes on.